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Monday, March 21, 2005

Daily Writing Time

Make time for the words

Make time every day for writing, even on, or especially on, those days when you feel uninspired. What’s important is that you’ve made a daily commitment to writing something.

On days when you need a nudge, try some writing exercises – they’re easily found on the internet. Another idea is to approach a subject, style, or poetic device you generally have trouble with, such as dialogue. Dialogue is one of the most difficult poetic devices to use successfully – it takes much practice to refine your skill enough to be presentable to the public.

There are many ways you can write on a daily basis; start a basic journal or blog to brainstorm about things that happened in the day. These are a wonderful resource to be tapped into at a later date for inspiration.

There will be days that what you get onto paper (or onto the screen) won’t be anything you care to share with anyone else, but you’ve taken the time to experiment, hopefully learned something, and at the very least, recorded something of your ideas that you can use later.

All that matters is that you’ve kept your mind working in an artistic direction, and not given in to the temptation to abandon your work.


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